How to fix my wireless connection in windows 10? In this fast-moving world, slow internet and network connection issues are the most annoying things. When it comes to how to fix network connection issues in Windows 10, the problem can occur due to many reasons.

Like internet coverage, an issue with the cable modem, network adapter driver, Firewall, or antivirus program you are using on your Windows 10 device.

I frequently received network connection related comments from my website visitors.

Fix Network Connection Issues In Windows 10

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Some of them are: Windows 10 can’t connect to this network, Why is my internet icon not working, Why does my WiFi keep disconnecting, can I reinstall network connection issues?  Then I decided to write a detailed guide to troubleshoot wifi issues in windows 10.

Well, It is possible to fix any network connection issues in windows 10 wifi in minutes, but only when you know the exact problem.

Every time we receive errors like Windows can’t connect to this Network, update network adapter drive, Wi-fi not available, etc. The causes behind the error can be more than this also.

How To Network Connection Issues In Windows 10

To fix such Windows 10 network connection bugs, I have divided the causes of network issues in Windows 10 into two main sections.

  1. Basic network connection issues in Windows 10
  2. Advanced network connection issues in Windows 10

Keep reading the article to fix some of the most common and annoying problems connecting to the wifi in windows 10 devices.

Basic Network Connection Issues In Windows 10

First of all, under the basic network connection Issues with Windows 10, we have covered the barriers related to your network that are easily detectable and can get solved.

Here are the most common Wi-Fi issues and solutions.

Make Sure your Wi-Fi Switch Is On

The very first and basic network issue is, Wi-Fi is turned off. Sometimes we mistakenly switch off the Wi-Fi router from the main switch. It can also happen by dropped Wi-Fi network or low network coverage.

In this case, instantly check and turn the Wi-Fi router switch on.

Along with that, we will need to check if the Wi-Fi is properly connected to our Windows 10 device. For this, Go to the taskbar and find the network connection icon and click on it.Make Sure your Wi-Fi Switch Is On

Check with your Wi-Fi router name and it is showing as Connected.

Note: Some Windows 10 devices have a physical button located on the device that can prevent the device from using any network. Please make sure the switch is in the On position. You will see an indicator light when you turn it on.

Wi-Fi Router Is Too Far From Your Device

The placement of your Wi-Fi router can become the cause of your network connection issue. Before placing your Wi-Fi router anywhere, make sure the router is not far away from your device.

Shift the router in the center of the workspace, do not put too many objects in between the router and your Windows 10 device.

wifi router far away

After applying the above-given tips, keep an eye on your Wi-Fi signal icon that signal strength is improved or not.

The Wireless Router Has A Problem

This is the third very basic but effective issue that I personally have experienced. A long time ago, I frequently face a dropped network connection issue with my Wi-Fi. Anytime my Wi-Fi signal gets dropped. And this becomes most annoying while I am working on any important project.

Your wireless router also needs time to time maintenance. To get the best internet speed and bug-free network connection follow these 3 effective tips given below.

  1. Turn off your router at least 1 time a day for 5 minutes and restart the wireless adapter Windows 10
  2. From time to time reset your router and restore it again
  3. Call your Wi-Fi agent for wire maintenance

Enjoy bug-free internet speed!

Your Device Is In Airplane Mode

Windows 10 device in airplane mode and Wi-Fi doesn’t work at the same time. If your Windows 10 device is showing in airplane mode, you can not connect to any internet connection in Windows 10.

Windows 10 device in airplane mode

Well, check and apply all the above mentioned basic tips to fix internet connection issues in Windows 10.

Now we will move towards some advanced issues users face while connecting to any network in Windows 10.

Advanced Network Connection Issues In Windows 10

After trying all the described basic troubleshooting to know how to fix network connection issues in Windows 10, if the problems connecting to wifi windows 10 are the same, try out some well-described advanced fixings.

Refresh Your Win 10 Network Adapters

In advanced issues of network connection in Windows 10, how to reset Windows 10 network adapter came first. Before knowing the process to restart network adapter troubleshooter Windows 10, I will let you know when and how it works.

As we all know we never use any kind of wire to connect the Wi-Fi network to our Windows 10 device. Then how it gets connected to your Windows machine?

Here comes the role of Windows 10 network adapters. It is a preinstalled Windows 10 feature that helps us to connect any wireless network connection so that we can have flawless internet.

Network adapters in Windows 10 come preinstalled ready to use. But in some cases, due to some settings, these network adapters stop working. At that point, we need a network adapter troubleshooter windows 10.

Follow this below-given guide on how to restart/reconnect network adapter in Windows 10

  • Go to the search box and type Device manageropen device manager in Windows 10
  • Choose the Network adapter option and double click on it
  • All the network-related adapters will appeardouble click on network adapter in Windows 10
  • Select your device network adapter driver and right-click on it
  • Choose Disable option to turn off the network adapterclick on disable device option
  • To restart the network adapter, again right-click on it and select the Enable option.

Update Network Adapter Driver Windows 10

Generally, network adapter drivers automatically get updated by Windows 10 updates. In some phases, if Windows 10 fails to update them, it can cause network connection bugs. Check for windows 10 network adapters updates and updating network drivers can help you.

As the process is the same as the above-described method of the refresh network adapter, I will not prank you by describing different ways to open the exact same settings.

Follow the same way to open the network adapters menu, only at the end of the process, when you right-click on the network adapter, select the Update option.update drivers in Windows 10

Now pick Search automatically for updated driver software.

All your network drivers are now updated and ready to work.

Revert Back To Previous Windows 10 Network Adapter Drivers

You must be thinking, I have just described the method to update network drivers to fix network connection issues in Windows 10, then why revert back?

It’s a different scenario to fix a network issue on your Windows 10 device. Windows 10 operating system automatically updates drivers to the latest one.

Sometimes your Windows 10 device did not find this latest update suitable for your network adapters. In this way, we will need to cancel the updates to rollback to previous network adapter drivers.

Follow the below-given steps to revert back to previous Windows 10 adapter drivers.

  1. Open Device Manager in Windows 10
  2. Go to the Network adapter option
  3. Select the network update you want to revert back to and right-click on it
  4. Select Properties option and then pick Driversclick on properties
  5. Under the Drivers menu, click on the Roll Back Drivers tabRevert back to previous Windows 10 network adapter
  6. Done!

Get Help With Windows 10 Network Troubleshooter to fix Network Connection Issues

The network troubleshooter in Windows 10 is a helpful feature given by Microsoft. If no method is working to resolve the issue of how to fix network connection issues in Windows 10, this troubleshooter can help you.

Let’s have a look at how the network adapter troubleshooter in windows 10 works…

  • Open Windows 10 Control Panel and search network troubleshoot in search boxopen control panal in Windows 10
  • Choose the Troubleshooting optionNetwork troubleshooter to fix network connection issues
  • A troubleshooting window will appear
  • Wait until your PC diagnose the problems and bring out a solution

The Windows troubleshooter will undoubtedly come up and highlight the issue of your Windows 10 network connection.

Use Network Reset in Windows 10

Try a full network reset solution if any network connection fixing not work. This network reset will bring your windows 10 network settings in raw mode(No customized settings).

  • Open Windows 10 settings and go to Network & Internetnetwork settings in Windows 10
  • Go to the status option and find Network resetnetwork reset in Windows 10
  • Click on Reset Now!

The whole network is now reset. Connect to your Wi-Fi and check now it is working fine or not.

Disable Firewalls In Windows 10

Why is firewall software not working on my Windows PC?

Seldom firewalls can create internet connection problems in your Windows 10 device. It can be possible that the Firewalls are preventing you from using the Internet connection. To determine the trouble, you have to turn off the Firewalls.

How to disable firewalls in windows 10:

  1. Open Command prompt.
  2. In the Command Prompt, type “netsh advfirewall set allprofiles” state off.
  3. Press the Enter key.

Turn Off Antivirus Application

Sometimes antivirus can create trouble to the Ethernet network connection. It also depends on which antivirus you are using to protect your Windows 10 pc. Check if your Windows 10 antivirus is conflicting with your internet connection.

Follow the below-described steps to turn off your antivirus program.

What is a Windows 10 Ethernet connection error? Read the below-given steps and you will get to know about the Ethernet settings in Windows 10.

  1. Go to the Windows 10 search box and type Control Panel
  2. Click on Network & Internetcontrol panel network settings
  3. Under the menu Network and sharing center, click on change adapter settingschange adapter settings in Win 10
  4. From here, Right-click on Ethernet and go to the properties windowclick on Ethernet and go to the properties window
  5. Under the Networking tab, If you see the antivirus software program is switched on, switch it off immediatelyturn off antivirus in Windows 10

Wrapping Up

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This was the detailed guide on how to fix network connection issue in Windows 10. I hope you find this post useful, and successfully resolved your Windows 10 network connection issue.

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I will love to know how this post helped you to resolve your internet issues. Also, let me know which part of this article you found informative and most useful. Drop your comments below in the comment box.

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