How To Get Help With File Explorer In Windows 10

How to get help with File Explorer in Windows 10? How to navigate around Windows 10 using File Explorer? I will be answering all the similar questions in the detailed guide.

The Windows 10 new File Explorer is different and more efficient from the Windows Explorer in Windows previous versions of operating systems.

Windows 10 File Explorer plays a major role in Windows 10 navigation. In Windows 10 there is a new advanced implementation by Microsoft in File Explorer.

If you’ve correctly updated or fresh installed your Windows 10 operating system and still having a problem with your File Explorer in Windows 10 then make sure that all the required software(s) and securities are installed properly.

File Explorer has a better look and feels in new Windows 10 Os but some users find it a little bit difficult on how to use File Explorer in Windows 10.

Here in this easy to understand Windows 10 navigation tutorial, I will show you some cool features in Windows 10 File Explorer.

This will definitely name your life easier 😉

Below are some important points we will be covering in this topic. Continue reading…

We will be covering the following topics on how to get help with File Explorer in Windows 10,

  • How Do I Customize Quick Access?
  • How Does OneDrive Works In Windows 10?
  • Some Important Keyboard Shortcuts For File Explorer In Windows 10.
  • Where Are My Library?
  • Common File Explorer Issues And Fixes.

Many users face many issues with File Explorer in Windows 10 and you want the exact solutions to these, Right?

After reading this full article you will be able to get help with file explorer & use the new File Explorer with ease.

Let’s get started…

Get Help With File Explorer In Windows 10

How Do I Customize Quick Access?

You can easily customize Quick access in many ways possible and get help with file explorer in Windows 10.

Pin Any Folder or Location To Quick Access In Windows 10:-

If you Can’t pin any folder to Quick access in file explorer than here is the way to do it.

If you want a folder to show up in Quick access(It’s like a shortcut), Right-click on it and select Pin to Quick access which will show your pinned file or folder in Windows 10 File Explorer Quick Access window.

In the below screenshot you can clearly see that I have add Google Drive folder to quick access and “Documents” folder to my File Explorer Quick Access Window.

Pin to Quick Access


Unpin Any Folder From Quick Access:-

We tend to change our minds…

Let’s say you want to unpin any specific folder for quick access and you found that unpin from quick access not working. Then just follow this.

If you want any folder or file that you pinned recently and want to Unpin from Quick access then right-click on the folder or file, select Unpin from Quick access.

Unpin from Quick Access


Remove Any Folder Or File From Quick Access:-

If something shows up in Quick access that you don’t want to see there again, Right-click it and select Remove from Quick Access. It won’t come there anymore, even if you use it every day.

Do not get confused with Unpinning & Removing the folder from quick access, they are totally different.

Windows 10 remove from quick access


Show Only Pinned Folder Setting:-

Privacy is the most important feature we use every day, File Explorer in Windows 10 also have the option that allows you to show your private Pinned Files and Folders in Quick Access.

To turn Off Win 10 recent files or frequent folders:

Open File Explorer, Go to the View Tab, and then select Options >> Change Folder And Search Option.

In the Privacy section, remove the checkboxes and select Apply.

Now Quick Access will only show your pinned folders. (If you turned them back on, items you previously removed from Quick access might come again)

show recent used files in Windows 10

To change the default Explorer page to This PC:-

If you want your File Explorer In Windows 10 opens to “This Pc” and not to Quick Access; then you can do the following.

Using Windows 10 File Explorer, Go to the View Tab and then select Options. 

In Option, General you will see the Open File Explorer To list, Select This Pc and then click on the Apply button.

Now, whenever you open File Explorer you will land on “This Pc” instead of Quick Access window in your File Explorer in Windows 10.

This is how you disable Quick Access in File Explorer on Windows 10Quick Access to This Pc

How Does OneDrive Work In Windows 10?

OneDrive in Windows 10 is a free online storage or cloud server where you can save your files through the file explorer in Windows 10.

Make sure that you have a Microsoft account to use OneDrive.

You can view the OneDrive option in the left side panel of the file explorer.Windows 10 OneDrive


To save your files to OneDrive, just drag and drop your files from the right side to the folder under OneDrive on the left panel.

Simple Right?

Note: If you do not see the OneDrive icon then you need to reinstall OneDrive Windows 10.

Get Help With File Explorer In Windows 10 With Keyboard Shortcuts:

How To Navigate Windows 10 Without A Mouse?

You can do standard operations such as copy, move, delete and rename, as usual not different.

There are some keyboard shortcuts that can help you in operating Windows 10 new File Explorer.

There are many shortcuts available in Windows 10 File Explorer, but these are the essential keyboard shortcuts to be used in File Explorer in Windows 10:

  • Windows Key + E: – Launch File Explorer in Windows 10 from anywhere in Windows.
  • Alt + P: – Show or hide the Preview Pane.
  • Alt + Shift + P: – Show or hide the Details pane.
  • Alt + Left Arrow Key: – Go back one folder in your history.
  • Alt + Up Arrow Key: – Go up one folder in the folder tree.
  • Ctrl + N: – Open a Windows 10 new File Explorer.
  • Ctrl + E:- Activate the search bar.
  • Ctrl + Shift + N: – Create a new folder in the current folder.
  • Ctrl + Mouse Wheel Up Or Mouse Wheel Down: – Increase or decrease the size of icons and thumbnails.
  • Ctrl + C:-  After selecting a file or a folder use the keys to copy.
  • Ctrl + V :- Paste
  • Ctrl + P :- Print
  • Ctrl + X :- Cut

So, these are the keyboard shortcuts that will lead you to get help with File Explorer in Windows 10.

Where Are My Library In Windows 10?

If you do not see your library under File Explorer in Windows 10 on the left side, then you might do the following-

Open File Explorer

Go to the View Tab

Select Navigation Pane under View Tab then Select Show Libraries. This will show up the libraries on the left side of the File Explorer.File explorer navigation Pane

I hope you understood the above points, Finger crossed :D, Let’s move to the last point now.

Windows 10 Problems And Solutions

Hmm, Now these are the issues that most of us might face with the Windows 10 File Explorer.

But don’t worry about that we are here to help you in a better way.

So, If you are facing issues with File Explorer in Windows 10 we have compiled a list of most common issues.

Fix Explorer in Windows 10 not working” or “File Explorer in Windows 10 crashes” and “File Explorer in Windows 10 not responding” issues.

Then we have a solution for you must try it.

Before I too faced the issue with “File Explorer in Windows 10 not responding” and after doing lots of investigation I’ve come up with the solution which will work for you as well.

In my case, there was an old software that causing the issue “File Explorer in Windows 10 not responding” You just need to do three simple steps this might will help you.

Steps to the solution:

Step 1: Download and install CCleaner Software. (It’s Free)

Step 2: Launch it and click on the “Tools” Option.

Step 3: Go to startup and disable all software that shows up in the list.

By the way enjoy this read?

To test, start software one by one and see whether File Explorer in Windows 10 crashes or not?

If enabling a particular software, File Explorer goes in “Not Responding” mode or “Crashes” that indicates a particular software is causing the issue. If that software is not important for you or maybe you are not using it, therefore, uninstall it completely.

Better get the free copy of the software from the internet and re-install it.


I hope you enjoyed reading this Windows 10 Guide on how to get help with File Explorer in Windows 10.

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