Google Chrome for Windows 10 is the only web browser that delivers the fastest and bug-free services. It also includes many helpful features like the Incognito window, bookmarks, privacy mode, many useful extensions, themes etc.

By default Windows 10 operating system comes with another internet browser, Microsoft Edge. But we want a quick and smart web browser, that’s why we are here to download Google Chrome in Windows 10.

I am not saying that other browsers are not good but what makes Google Chrom different is its user-friendly tools and surfaces.

How To Download Google Chrome For windows 10

Also, We can open multiple tabs at one time, and without having any trouble we can continue our work. Google Chrome allows us to arrange all the opened tabs according to our preferences.

The graphical interface in Google Chrome is highly impressive. Its bright and clean look makes it more effective. While working in Google Chrome, Distraction is not easy.

Google Chrome also presents one of its essential features, Malware Detector.

Yes! While searching anything in Google Chrome, it bundles a malware and virus detector that let us know that something is suspicious with this search. By installing sandbox technology, you can prevent any malware in the browsing world.

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To maintain our privacy, Google Chrome provides us the facility to Clear Browsing history. it also includes the options to clear Cookies, Cached files, and images, logins, and passwords, plug-in information, etc.

Now little about Incognito mode! That window in Google Chrome is also known as the Private search window. This window makes our searches and downloads separated from browsing History.

All the searches history gets automatically deleted when you get out of Incognito mode.

as little about Google Chrome in Windows 10. Now we will get to know how to download Google Chrome in Windows 10 for free.

Google Chrome For Windows 10 Free Download

When Google Chrome is offering us to download it for free, then how we could miss this great opportunity.

If you are in hurry and don’t want to read the full guide, I would like to present the full video of how to download Google Chrome for Windows 10. Personally, I will suggest you read the full article to grab the all initial and essential tricks and important tips.

Just click on the Youtube Button and the Video guide will start playing.

In this post, I will let you know the two natural methods to download Google Chrome in Windows 10. Along with we will also learn the technique to install Google Chrom In Windows 10.

After a few minutes, you will have the latest version of Google Chrome without paying any cost.

So, here are the ways to download Google Chrome for Windows 10 for free:

By  Searching

  • In the first step, go to Microsoft Edge or any pre-installed web browser

(You will find Microsoft Edge in the taskbar. If it is not there you can search it through Cortana By typing “Microsoft Edge“)Open microsoft edge

  • In Microsoft Edge, you will see a search box in the upside of the browser. Search for the web address “” and press EnterSearch on google to download chrome
  • Now you are on the official Google Chrome website. There you will see some heads like Download, Setup, Chromebooks, etc.
  • Click on “Download,” select the option “For personal computer.” The Mobile tab is optional.Click Download Now
  • When you accept the google chrome browser’s terms and conditions, finally the downloading process will start. This will take a few seconds to download
    Accept and install Google Chrome
  • Now, We have downloaded the Google Chrome web browser for Windows 10 successfully
  • Run the download and open ChromeRun Google Chrome after downloading

In Short:

Microsoft Edge>> Download Now> Accept terms and conditions> Download

By following the above steps, you have downloaded Google Chrome for Windows 10. Now browse Google Chrome from the taskbar or Cortana and make Chrome your default web Google chrome in Windows 10 We have discussed the first method to download Google Chrome for Windows 10. Now I am going to present the second and quick process to download Chrome for Windows 10.

Here it is:

By typing Google Chrome Download for Windows 10

In this method, You don’t need to go Google Chrome website or anywhere, Open Microsoft edge or any other pre-installed web browser and search for one of them:

1. Google Chrome download for Windows 10

2. Google Chrome download full version free

3. Google Chrome latest version

4. Google Chrome for Windows 10 free download

5. Google Chrome download for windows 10 64 bit/32 bits

You can also select from the given screenshot suggestions:

Type Google chrome download

Go with the any of results. All the searches have the link to download Google Chrome.

Download google chrome

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Final Words:

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These were the two easiest and smarter ways to know how to download Google Chrome for Windows 10 and Install it.

I hope by following this guide, you have successfully installed Google Chrome on your Windows 10 device.

I hope you have liked the guide, Google Chrome For Windows 10 Free Download. Please do share with your family and friends so that they can also have the Google Chrome browser to browse effective searches 🙂

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I will be back with another useful and entertaining guide soon…


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  1. Windows 10 is blocking the chrome installation (Device defender) as its not an app in the MS app store. How can I resolve this issue?

    • Mustkeema Reply

      Hi Robert,
      Are you sure you are downloading Google Chrome from the authentic source. Just type in google Download Google Chrome and click the first result. And by the way which internet browser you are using to download chrome?


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