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WordPad in Windows 10 is free of cost and convenient application. It was initially introduced with Windows 95, and We still use it in Windows 10 with many improved features. If you are new to Windows 10 WordPad or want to know some remarkable features about it, then Get help with WordPad in Windows 10 is made for you.

Get Help With WordPad In Windows 10

Although WordPad sounds the same as Notepad, it is not as simple as Notepad in Windows 10. We can say Wordpad on desktop windows 10 is an advanced version of Notepad. And if we compare the look, it is similar to Microsoft word.

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A Glance From The History: What is WordPad? Earlier, Microsoft has launched Microsoft Write. But in Windows 95, Write was replaced with WordPad.

Get Help With WordPad In Windows 10

Without any delay, let’s see how we can get help with WordPad in Windows 10 and make the best use of it. In this Tech Grabo guide, I will probably cover all the essentials like Word Pad installation, WordPad settings, methods, WordPad free download, and all kinds of how to’s related to Wordpad in Windows 10.

How To Open WordPad In Windows 10

How To Open WordPad In Windows 10

How do I find WordPad on windows 10? Here are the three best ways to access WordPad. You can follow any of your choices to start Windows 10 WordPad.

Way 1: Find WordPad On My Computer Using Run Command

Press Win+R to open Run command box. Type in WordPad then hit Ok.

run command wordpad

Way 2: Get Help With Cortana Windows 10

Simply go to the Cortana Search Box and Type WordPad.

Get help with cortana in Windows 10 wordpad

Way 3: Open WordPad From Windows 10 Start Menu

Where is the start menu, and how to open WordPad from there? Check out the below-explained steps:

  • Click on the Window icon from the left down corner.
  • Under All Apps, Look for the WordPad under Windows Accessories and open it.

open wordpad from all apps

How To Pin To Task Bar WordPad For Windows 10

After knowing how to start WordPad in Windows 10, we will see how we can make a pin of it to the taskbar for further hasslefree use.

As directed previously, go to the Cortana Search Box and Type WordPad. When the WordPad icon appears, right-click on it and select Pin to taskbar option. It’s Done!

You can also choose Pin to start if you wish.

How To Use WordPad In Windows 10

WordPad is a Microsoft application that you can use to create records such as letters, notes, and posters, etc. It’s less complicated than Microsoft Word.

Have a look at the complete list of how to use WordPad for Windows 10 for better understanding.

  • Create, open and save documents
  • WordPad for typing text
  • Selecting text
  • Document Formation – Change the size and Print styles, Page look, etc.
  • Insert date and time, pictures and hyperlinks
  • Paint Drawing
  • Change page margins
  • Copying and moving text
  • To copy text and paste it to another location
  • Print documents.

Unsupported Features Of WordPad

You have got almost all the essential features of WordPad Windows 10, But it’s not over yet. Check out the list of unsupported features of WordPad Win 10.

  • Headers and footers
  • Columns, Footnotes, and endnotes
  • Comments, revisions, and bookmarks
  • Password Encryption
  • Document metadata
  • Chart content, mathematical content, and graphic content in OpenDocument format
  • Embedded fonts
  • Intra-document links

Help On How To Customize WordPad Document

Microsoft Windows 10 has structured Wordpad with many customizable features. These customized features help a lot in making a simple text document look more attractive and creative.

Font Customize Settings In WordPad

We can change WordPad default fonts to get a different set of font styles as well as font sizes. Other than that, you can use specifications like make a text bold, italic, underlined, text highlight color, strikethrough, and so on.

font customization


Paragraph Customize Settings In WordPad Windows 10

Paragraph customize settings in WordPad includes text alignments(Left, Right, Center), Paragraph dialogue box, Line spacing, list-making, indent setting, etc.

Insert Customize Settings In WordPad Windows 10

Insert settings in WordPad Windows 10 have many appealing features. With these custom settings, you can add pictures, use paint in windows 10 WordPad, insert date & time, and create objects in any text document.

Paragraph and insert settings

How To Print A WordPad Document

Where are settings in WordPad to print the document? Follow the below-given steps to print WordPad documents in Windows 10.

  1. In WordPad Windows 10, Go to the File option
  2. Now click on Print optionprint settings wordpad Windows 10
  3. You can select Print or Quick Print option(Quick Print selection prints the document quickly with default selected printer )
  4. When you choose Print option, a Setting Windows will open
  5. Select the printer and preferences you want, and then click Print.advanced settings in WordPad

Is WordPad Free With Windows 10

I got this comment query from many visitors. So I thought it must be explained here.

By default, Wordpad on Windows 10 comes pre-installed and ready to use. But, if anyone can’t find Word Pad in Windows 10 desktop, they can download WordPad for windows 10.

Get Microsoft word pad free download from their official website

Download WordPad for free and safe word pad installation of the latest trial or new full version for Windows 10 (x32, 64 bit, 86) comfortably.

How To Reset WordPad Settings To Default WordPad Settings

If you’ve customized WordPad settings and want to return to default WordPad settings, then help with WordPad in Windows 10 is here to tell you how to do that.

  • Hit Win+R to open the Run command, type in regedit, and hit command regedit
  • In Registry Editor, type:


  • Under WordPad Tab, Delete Options key.registry editor settings

Exit and When you open the WordPad again, and we have successfully change WordPad to default settings.

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Wrapping Up

I got a very positive response for my last article on Change Power And Sleep Settings In Windows 10. It gives the influence to put more and more effort into this cover get help with WordPad in Windows 10. Read the article, apply it, and get Word Pad help. Let me know which point you like the most. Also, share the post as much as you can.

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  1. Benjamin Pieterse Reply

    I would like to change WordPad’s default font setting, so it does not always revert back to the original default. Is that possible? (Windows 10)

    • Mustkeema Reply

      Hello Benjamin,
      It is not possible to change default WordPad settings permanently, but there is one thing that can help you in this, is that whenever you save any Wordpad file with any customized fonts, you can again continue to edit the same file with your preset fonts. Hope this will help! Thanks

    • Mustkeema Reply

      Hello Christi,
      Here are the steps to set a single space line in Wordpad Windows 10:
      1. Launch WordPad and open or create a document.

      Press “Ctrl-A” to select the entire document or click and drag with your mouse to select just a part of the document.

      Click the “Paragraph” icon in the Paragraph group at the top of the WordPad window and the Paragraph window pops up.

      Select the line spacing value you want to use in the Line Spacing drop-down box, in the Spacing section. You can select from 1.00 (one line), 1.15, 1.50 and 2.00 (double line).

      Click “OK” to set the line spacing immediately.


  2. The pages are not numbered .How do I automatically go from one page to another? Please advice.

    • Mustkeema Reply

      hello Rajan,
      Are you facing this issue with Wordpad Windows 10? Please describe more for a perfect solution. Waiting for your reply. Thanks

  3. I noticed that when I create a document in Wordpad I usually set the page orientation to Landscape, however I find that 10 minutes later while I am modifying the document it automatically reverts back to Portrait, it doesn’t matter if I’ve saved it in that format or am still working on a new document. I have changed all my printers to have the page setup set to landscape but this doesn’t help, it just retains the landscape setting for 10 minutes then automatically changes it back to portrait, no matter how much I save it or change it back again. Is there a way of forcing this to stay as Landscape?

    • Mustkeema Reply

      Hello, Terri H,
      I understand the issue with your Wordpad, but, to give you a descriptive solution, Can you create a screencast of the issue so that I can see it and provide you a perfect troubleshoot. You can use to create a screencast very easily.

    • Mustkeema Reply

      Hello Vic Vazquez,
      Please click on the link and watch the given youtube video. This will surely help you with how to create a table in Wordpad. feel free to ask, if you have any further issues with this.

  4. Hello Mustkeema,
    I used to type my text with Wordpad ( my son installed). Now I want to create a table but I don’t know how I can start. Please show me. . I am 77 years old grandma but I want to study by practicing computer.
    Thank you and best wishes

    • Mustkeema Reply

      Hello Minh Tran,
      Please click on the link and watch the youtube video. This will surely help you with how to create a table in Wordpad. feel free to ask, if you have any further issues with this. Thanks and Keep practicing new skills. Good luck!

  5. Patricia Thompson Reply

    Hey, I am trying to send my document via e-mail. Please tell me how to do that? My system keeps telling me that there isn’t an e-mail attached. But my e-mail was attached. Now before I got started typing up my document (my system told me I had upgrades I needed do before I could start). So I upgraded and now it tells me that my e-mail isn’t attached. Please can you help me with this?
    Thank you for your assistance/time

    • Mustkeema Reply

      Hello Patricia Thompson,
      I understand the issue with your Wordpad document, but, on my side emailing process of a Wordpad document is working fine. To give you a descriptive solution, Can you create a screencast of the issue so that I can see it and provide you a perfect troubleshoot. You can use to create the screencast very easily.
      Waiting for your reply…

  6. When typing in WordPad, there is a small box above my typing with words. Is there a way to turn this
    box off, when I’m typing? Totally annoying.

    • Mustkeema Reply

      The Wordpad applications in Windows 10 are very basic and do not have auto-Spellchecking functionality. You can use spell checking applications like to correct all spellings then paste the ready document to Wordpad. Thanks

  7. Jonathan Ramlow Reply

    Hi Mustkeema,
    Is there a way to remove all the nonprinting paragraph characters from the right end of each line in an imported file? Or is there some way to view those hidden characters? Or perhaps just use blinded find & replace to remove the characters I know are there? Thanks in advance for any guidance you can provide.

  8. How do I set page size( example 8 1/2″ X 11″) so my addresses will print on each page correctly?

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