The steps to change screen resolution in Windows 10, is pretty easy. If you recently upgrade to Windows 10, then this is the right place for you to learn how to change screen resolution in Windows 10.

As we all know, a bad screen resolution can affect us in many ways. Like, it can harmful for your precious eyes, it can cause a headache, the lake of concentration, stress, and much more.

How To Change Screen Resolution In Windows 10

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A perfect screen resolution should be according to the comfort of our eyes. So, it’s very important to fix screen resolution and adjust the screen size on the monitor.

Also, having correct screen resolution settings facilitates better image quality and display content.

In this Tech Grabo guide, I’ll cover all essential points to adjust screen resolution. You’ll get the easiest explanation on how to fix the resolution on Windows 10.

The screen settings in Windows 10 have changed a bit compared to the Windows 8 operating system. But, it doesn’t mean, the Windows 10 screen size adjustment can’t be easily set.

Furthermore, we’ll also meet the other advanced features to set screen resolution in Windows 10. That will help you to maintain a good Windows 10 screen size and will save your eye sight too.

Advanced features of Screen resolution Windows 10 are:

  • Advanced Features
  • Change color calibration
  • Clear type text
  • Advanced sizing of text and other items

So, without wasting our time, let’s move towards the display settings Windows 10 and grab it.

How To Change Screen Resolution In Windows 10

Step 1: Right-click anywhere on your desktop screen and choose the option Display Settings.

Advanced display settings

Step 2: Now you are in a new window named Customized Your Display. There, scroll down the cursor and go with Advanced Display Settings Windows 10.

Go to the display setings

Step 3: Under the advanced display settings you will find an option Resolution.

Click apply

Step 4: Choose your display resolution, as I have already selected the Recommended resolution to my desktop (you can see in the screenshot below).

Tips: If you can’t find this recommended screen resolution, do not panic. It depends on the size of the monitor.

Step 5: If you don’t want to go with the recommended display screen settings, you can change screen size by going with the step (6).

Set screen resolution

You can see on the above screenshot, there are many options available to increase screen size and vice versa.

Choose the least option to reduce screen size Windows 10.

Step 6: Tap on “Recommended” monitor resolution, and select the screen size according to you.

Step 7: After selecting your screen resolution size, hit the Apply button.

So guys! This was the whole process to learn how to change screen resolution in Windows 10. By following these simple 7 steps, anyone can adjust screen size on monitor quickly.

Now, it’s time to learn some additional settings to make screen resolution more effective, sharper, and comfortable.

Change Colour Calibration

You can calibrate your display at extreme level by clicking on Colour calibration. The Colour calibration menu provides you some manual instructions to adjust the screen settings.

Don’t worry! these instructions are not as long as you are thinking.

Adjust color balance

After going with the color calibration, these simply described instructions will help you as a guide. as we are helping you as Windows 10 Expert guide:-P.

Read the instructions and after that, you will reach a window where you can adjust the appearance of the color on your screen, by the Red, Blue, and Green sliders.

Adjust Clear Type Text Windows 10

Here you can make the text on your screen easier to read. Clear type text provides you the facility to adjust the text size, the appearance of text, screen brightness windows 10.

Make the screen easier

Clear type text calibration gives you many formats of the appearance of text on your display.

Display adjustment

Choose your text format and click Next. That’s it.

Advanced Sizing Of Text And Other Items

With the help of this tutorial, how to change screen resolution in Windows 10, You can set the size of text, apps, and other items using Display Settings Windows 10.

Change size of item

Finally, we have solved all the screen resolution Windows 10 problems, to make the screen resolution effective. Now you can change the screen size and set the display according to you; by following this guide.

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