7 Ways On How To Get Help In Windows 10 – The Definitive Guide

How To Get Help In Windows 10? Many of us do not know how to get help with Windows 10!

Whether you are a new Windows 10 user, or you have been working with PCs/Laptops for decades. There is always a time where everyone needs help.

This post will cover some of the quickest ways to get help in Windows 10 and to fix Windows 10 problems on your own. 

With these handy tips, you can be sure that you’re never too far from the guidance and information that you need related to Windows 10 Operating System.

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In previous versions of Windows like Windows XP, Windows 7 there was a software called Microsoft Fix It. That software helps to solve most of the common errors by itself. But its discontinued in Windows 10 and other more efficient support options are introduced.

Microsoft Windows 10 helps the user in many ways. There are different channels from where you can easily get Microsoft help.

How To Get Help In Windows 10:

Getting Started With Windows 10

The Windows 10 get started app offers the short guided trip for Windows 10 users.

Click the Start button and click the Get Started icon from the Start menu.

get started windows 10

Like most Apps, the Get Started App is situated on the left edge, or you can ask Cortana in Windows 10. The App will show the short introductory video to Windows 10 users. I recommend you all to watch that video.

Common Problems In Windows 10

Here are some of the questions that most of Windows 10 consumers want answers to:

  • How do I Sync my settings in Windows 10?
  • Defer Upgrades in Windows 10?
  • How to change screen resolution in Windows 10?
  • Using alarms in Windows 10?
  • View or delete browsing history in Microsoft Edge.
  • Check for updates in Windows 10.
  • How to use system restore Windows 10?
  • Change the default search engine to Microsoft edge.
  • How to find Internet Explorer for Windows 10?
  • Where is control panel in Windows 10?

…and the list goes on. I bet you may be looking for an answer to at least one of the questions above. You can get most of your Windows 10 answers in Windows 10 help Center.

Let learn how you can use these help options in Windows 10.

Get Help In Windows 10 By Pressing F1 Key

F1 key is the legendary key to get help in many Windows Operating System. Its been there from the birth of Microsoft Windows.Windows F1 Key

Press the F1 key from within Windows or any desktop program. Traditionally, F1 key has been the Windows shortcut key for help in documentation, and that remains the case in Windows 10.

If the program that you are using has its support services, then they will be open when you press the F1 key. Otherwise, your default browser will only open a Bing search that outlines a few ways to get help in Windows 10.

Get Help In Windows 10 With The Help Of Cortana

Cortana in Windows 10 is one of the most important and hence most talked about features included in Windows 10.

The virtual assistant Cortana isn’t just a handy way of scheduling meetings and searching through the files and folder which is present on your Windows 10. It’s also an excellent method for finding the fundamental issues and getting support in Windows 10.ask cortana Windows 10 assistannt You can just ask Cortana verbally with the help of a microphone or say “Hey Cortana“.

The most frequent questions by Windows 10 users have had responses built into the software knowledge base of Cortana.

So, you will likely get your answers right there. Reference items like using keyword shortcuts in Windows 10 are another thing that Cortana can handle very well.

If you need help in Windows 10 by the Microsoft support, then you can follow hereinafter method.

Microsoft Online Support Chat: Windows 10 Help Desk

If you are a person who does not want to solve the issue by searching Windows 10 Knowledge Base then there’s an easy way for you.

Use the search bar to locate the Contact support App. This app is pre-installed on your Windows 10 Operating System. In case, if unknowingly you have removed it you can find and download it in the Microsoft Windows store.Microsoft Windows Support App After finding the App, Open the App navigate to the section which best describes your issue that you’re looking to get help in Windows 10.

Once, you have found a suitable topic; You’ll be given the option to Chat With Tech Support For Windows 10.

Be sure to describe your problems as clearly as possible to Windows 10 tech support and you will be in a good hand to solve your problems quickly and easily.

The Microsoft chat representatives are available 24/7.

Arrange A Call Back With Microsoft Support

To arrange a call back from the Microsoft help desk support, Open the contact support App try and find the topic which clearly fits your problem. You will be given the option to request a call from the help desk support as soon as the support agent will available to help you.Contact Windows 10 Support Arrange A Call Fortunately, If you select option Arrange A Call with help desk support, you can specify a time that will work for you to attend a call. With your phone number and select a date and you’ll be present with the list of available appointments.

Microsoft’s Paid Support Option

Microsoft offers three types of paid services, described online at the Microsoft store website. These three paid services are as under to get help in Windows 10.

microsoft paid services

  • Assure Software Support Plan: 

For a $149 annual fee, Microsoft offers one year of virus removal program and helps by online chat or phone. Also, provide personal training if you reside close to the Microsoft Store.

  • Premium Software Support:

If you only need help with Microsoft’s software like Windows or Office, you can pay $99 for an hour’s worth of online chat or phone support. That $99 is per hour. However, the charge is for each session, which shows why the Assure Software Support Plan might be a better deal for problems that occur frequently.

  • Virus Removal And Protection

Stuck with a virus? Microsoft help desk support charges $99 for each session that removes them.

If you’ve purchased your computers directly from Microsoft’s online or retail stores, Microsoft offers extended service and warranty plans. By paying in advance, you can take advantage of Microsoft’s support programs without having to pay a per-incident charge or hourly fee.

Note: The Microsoft paid support fees mentioned here do not guarantee the same prizes when you visit the official Microsoft paid support center. They can change and we do not have any control over them.

Offline Windows 10 Troubleshooting

In case, you don’t have an internet connection you can troubleshoot your problems offline .

Windows 10 device is offline


If your issue is with the particular program or file then Right-click on it and click on Troubleshoot Compatibility or any other Troubleshooting option present.

This way some of the problems can be solved. However, the significant errors and fixing Windows 10 issues need an online net connection to be solved.

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I hope this guide helped you understand how to get help in Windows 10 easily and make your Windows 10 experience more beneficial.

If you like this guide, do share it with your friends and let us know any questions in the comments. We would be happy to assist you.

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