If you are wondering, what do you need to do, to play a DVD on Windows 10 operating system? With the help of this guide How to play DVD on Windows 10: 3 best ways, I’ll make your video experience awesome…

..with effective sound quality and better video pixels.

Microsoft Windows 10 makes playing DVDs a little confusing 🙁

As some versions of Windows support DVD playing, while other versions do not.

How To Play DVD On Windows 10

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Don’t worry, I am going to cover each and everything about how to play DVD on Windows 10.

Also, Will let you know how to download DVD player to play DVD on Windows 10.

How To Play DVD On Windows 10: 3 Best Ways

If you are using Windows 10 operating system and failed to play DVD on your computer…

..then you’ll need to download a third-party DVD player.

Let’s see the best free DVD player for Windows 10 🙂 

VLC Media Player Windows 10

Video LAN Client(Local Area Network) media player commonly known as VLC.

It is a portable media server which supports many audio and video including DVD-Video.

It was little about VLC media player :-p

This will take much time to explain the whole about VLC. But here we’ll discuss the main part of this guide…

..that is, how to download VLC player & How to play DVD on VLC player.

So let’s start the process:

  • First of all, to download VLC player go to your Windows play store.
  • Tap the search button, and type “VLC
  • Select the VLC app and go to the “Get” option.

Free Download VLC Player Windows 10

  • After that VLC media player will be installed, then launch the VLC app.
  • Go to the Media option and select Open Disc/ Ctrl+D

Play DVD Windows 10

  • Insert the DVD that you want to play.
  • Select the DVD via VLC media player
  • Hit the Play button.

This was the easy and simple process of conversion of VLC into the DVD player. 

Enjoy your DVD movies via VLC media player Windows 10:-D

You can also use VLC for Windows phone and VLC for Android phones.

So, guys this was the 1st way to learn how to play DVD on Windows 10 operating system.

More options ahead. Read On…

Blaze DVD  Player For Windows 10 Free Download

The Blaze DVD player is one of the best DVD players. It’s a digital video player that offers you just such a simple, seamless process.

It’s simple and easy to use. So let’s take a look at how to download BlazeDVD player for free…

..With the help of this guide, How to play DVD on Windows 10: 3 best ways.

Blaze DVD Player

You can get Blaze player for free from any web browser like Google Chrome Windows 10, Microsoft Edge Windows 10, Opera etc.

Go to any web browser address bar and type “Blaze DVD Player Free Download”.

Then the options for download Blaze player will appear.

Select one of them as you see in the screenshot below.

BlazeDVD-player free download


After selecting above option, Blaze player will be installed in your Windows 10 PC. 

Now enjoy your DVD movie with the help of Blaze DVD player…

5KPlayer- Windows 10 DVD player Download

Besides the popular VLC media player & BlazeDVD player, I am going to introduce to you another wonderful and free media player for Windows 10…

..that is 5K Player.

5KPlayer supports videos, DVD’s playback, it’s an online video downloader and AirPlay receiver and sender too.

Let’s see how to download 5KPlayer for Windows 10.

To download 5KPlayer follow these simple 3 steps described below ➡

  1. The first step is to go to any web browser address bar and type ” 5KPlayer Free Download“.
  2. Select any one from the appeared results as you can see bellow5K player free download
  3. Select the tab mention below and 5KPlayer will be easily installed in your PC.

5kplayer-download tabNow insert any DVD you want and play DVD with 5KPlayer.

These were the 3 simplest ways to download Windows 10 DVD player to resolve the issue…

..Windows 10 DVD player not working i.e Windows 10 won’t play DVD.

I hope this guide How to play DVD on Windows 10helped you to play your favorite DVD movies and videos

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