Restore Computer To Earlier Date Using System Restore In Windows 10!

There are times when you need to restore computer to an earlier date. Maybe something broke after a major Windows 10 update or your computer got infected by malware. System restore in Windows 10 is a utility under Windows Recovery feature that allows you to roll back any changes made to your computer.

A system restore point also known as recovery point is a built-in tool in Windows 10. However, it helps you to restore Windows 10 to earlier working condition, in case something goes wrong.

For instance, assume if you downloaded and installed some third-party software which resulted in system malfunction or unstable system, in such case, your restore point in Windows 10 will help you which you have created before.

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It is important to know when doing a system restore to an earlier date, all files and folders that were not present at the earlier dates will also be gone.

So it is always better to create a System Image of your computer in a separate hard disk in case something severely goes wrong.

NOTE: Windows 10 creates system restore point automatically when you install or uninstall any applications on Windows operating system, as being in safe side one must consider to create system restore point on it own, which will give you the better results.

Let us now learn how to create System Restore Points and use them to restore Windows 10 to an earlier date.

How To Use System Restore In Windows 10

Follow these steps to restore Windows 10 to the previous configuration:

  • Firstly, type “System” in Cortana search box, a Window will pop-up that will show “System Contol Panel” click on it.

Search for system settings Windows 10

  • Under “System” click on the “System Protection.”

System properties and protection setting Windows10

  • Click the “System Protection”  tab and then click on the “System Restore” button.

System properties winows 10

  • Under “System Restore” window “Choose a different restore point” and then click “Next

Choose a different restore point Windows 10

  • Now, select the system restore point you want to from those in the list then click “Next

Choose a restore point for system recovery Windows 10

  • Confirm the system restore point you want to use and click “Finish

Confirm your restore point and click finish

  • Once the system restores, Windows 10 start,  a dialogue will pop-up “System restore cannot be interrupted, Do you want to continue? Click on “Yes” but make sure that any other program is not running on your computer at that point.
  • System restore will now begin reverting Windows 10 to its last known configuration; you will see a window that shows “Preparing to restore your system
  • When Windows 10 completely shut-down you will see a screen quoting “Please wait while your Windows files and settings are being restored
  • After that, various messages will pop-up please be patient this overall process will take at least 10 minutes to complete.

NOTE: Do not turn off or restart your computer during the time of system restore Windows 10 process.

  • Sign-in to Windows 10 OS, on the desktop, you will see a small system restore windows showing “System restore completed successfully” click on “Close” button.

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So, this is how to use system restore in Windows 10 with the help of a system restore point created by Windows 10.

I hope this article surely solved your problem of how to use system restore in Windows 10 by making a system restore point.

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