Learn How to update USB Drivers in Windows 10 in minutes. USB 3.0 in Windows 10 is one of the most popular and useful USB version due to its fast and universal performance. You can find it on almost all modern devices like network adapters, printers, monitors and video cards as well.

Usually, USB drivers get automatically updated from time to time through Windows 10 updates. If you want to update USB drivers manually or modify any specific drivers than this is the only guide you need to read.

The Universal serial bus controller is popularly known as USB drivers. It is one of the most used hardware programs on any computer.How to update USB Drivers in Windows 10

Drivers in Windows 10 helps in transferring media, files, and folders from or to your external drives in a very short interval of time. It also supports connecting necessary external devices like mouse, printer, pen drive, and so on. The earlier version of the driver is USB 2.0, but USB 3.0 drivers Windows 10 is most suitable.

In this post, I will show you the quickest way to update your USB drivers Windows 10.

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How To Update USB Drivers In Windows 10?

I will list down the way to keep your pc up to date with the help of updates for Windows 10 drivers.

Before that, let’s figure out what makes you come to this article, aka in which conditions you must need to renew USB controller driver for Windows 10?

Why You Need To Update USB Drivers?

If your USB 3.0 drivers are not working, you need to reinstall the USB drivers to make everything back to track.

Sometimes PC becomes slow when you connect a pen drive or any external hard disk drive. It slows down because of your old driver. The data transfer speed also gets affected.

Same as network adapter driver Windows 10, display driver and Windows 10 Bluetooth drivers, USB drivers also need updates after an interval of time. Upgrade/reinstall your drivers now to get steady work experience and fast file transfer connectivity.

How To Update And Install  USB drivers? (Step by Step)

There are two ways through which you can install or update your drivers

Using Windows Automatic Updates

How to upgrade to USB 3.0? Due to Windows 10 updates, all the latest drivers already get updated. You simply choose the option”auto-update,” and the computer will automatically download and install the necessary USB driver updates from the manufacturer’s site, in our case from the Microsoft official server.

Many users have not check for Windows update and still using the older version of USB drivers in Windows 10. Follow the below-given instructions and make your USB drivers updated:

  • Go to Cortana in Windows 10 and say Update and Security.
  • You will instantly see the Windows Update option.
  • Click on “Check for updates “.

check for updates for USb Drivers

  • The Windows 10 update will automatically download and update all Softwares, USB drivers, and new features.
  • Restart your PC when the update gets finished.

Restart the computer after the Driver update is done through windows update

Update USB Drivers Using Device Manager in Windows 10

The second way to update and install USB drivers in Windows 10 is by using Windows 10 device manager. In this method, you have to install or update the drivers manually.

Follow the steps:

1# Search for Device Manager in Cortana search.

2# Look for Universal Serial Bus Controllers list

Universal serial bus controllers list

3# Right-click on all the USB Drivers and select Update Driver

Select Update Driver

4# A dialogue box will open and show you two options as in the screenshot below.

the two ways to search for driver?

5# If you want to check for updates with the help of Windows 10 browser, click on Check Automatically

6# In case, You have already downloaded the latest USB driver update from the manufacturer, Click on Browse my computer for device software

7# Wait for the install process to complete.

8# Restart your computer and your drivers will be up to date.

USB 3.0 Is Not Working In Windows 10

If your Windows 10 device still not detecting any USB connectivity, your Microsoft USB driver is corrupted.

The bugs in your USB ports make your PC slow. In this situation, uninstall the older version of your USB driver, you can download the latest driver from the official website of Microsoft.com and troubleshoot the USB port drivers.

How To Uninstall USB Drivers in Windows 10?

  • Use the Keyborad shortcut WindowsLogo + X key to open Device Manager.
  • Go to the Universal serial bus controllers
  • Open the list of installed USB drivers.

uninstall usb drivers

  • Pick the driver you want to uninstall, right-click on it, and select Uninstall driver.
  • Restart your PC

When you restart your PC, Windows 10 updates will start working and will install all the right USB drivers automatically.

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Wrapping Up

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You must have successfully update all your USB drivers. These were some of the ways on how to update USB Drivers in Windows 10 and increase the data transfer speed and versatility.

Comment down your experience with this guide also drop your suggestions on which query regarding Windows 10, should I cover in our next TechGrabo guide. Thanks


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