How To Use Alarms In Windows 10 Using Clock App?

In this guide, I’ll show you how to use alarms in Windows 10. How to Snooze and Dismissal of Alarms and using the World clock.

We need to set up Alarms in our daily life to wake up in the morning, for some important work to do at the given time and so on.  I remember my school days when I use to set alarm for 8 am to wake up and rush.

The alarms in Windows 10, the alarms and clock App combines and called as “Alarm Clock” with a World Clock, a Timer, and a Stopwatch.

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So, let’s learn how to use alarms in Windows 10.

How To Use Alarms In Windows 10

Most of you already know how to set an alarm clock in Windows mobile phones. But do you know that you can also set alarms in Windows 10 using the Windows Alarm Clock App that comes preinstalled with Windows 10?

  • First, Go the Cortana Search Box, type in Alarms, the pop-up of alarms and clock will appear, click on it.

search for alarms and clock app

  • When you click, the alarms and clock Window opens. In this Window, you will see the alarm is set by default.

alarms and clock app windows 10

  • Now, you have set alarms in Windows 10. If you want to add alarms click on the ” + ” button which is situated on the lower right of the Window and choose what time alarms you want.
  • Set Alarm Name, Repeats, Sounds, and Snooze Time and click on the Floppy icon to “Savealarms in Windows 10.

set new alarm in alarm & clock app windows 10

  • Now, If you want to Remove the alarms just right click on the alarm set. Then click on the “Delete” or you can just click on the 4 horizontal line which is situated on the right side of the Windows and can “Deletealarms in Windows 10.

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set alarms in windows 10

delete alarms in windows 10

How To Use Alarms In Windows 10

Dismiss Or Snooze Alarms In Windows 10:

The Windows 10 mobile alarm volumes will sound even when:

  • The App is closed
  • The sound is muted
  • Your Pc is locked
  • Or in sleep mode ( Sleep mode when you have InstantGo on your Windows 10 Pc).

But they won’t work when your Pc is Off or hibernating. Make sure to keep your Pc plugged into AC power to prevent it from hibernating.

  • In Order to Dismiss Or Snooze Alarms in Windows 10. When the alarm notification pop-up in Windows 10, select Dismiss to turn it OFF or Snooze to let it sound again after a short period of time.
  • If the alarm notification closes before you get to it, don’t worry. Select the Action Centre icon on the lower right corner in Windows 10 to see it in the list and select it from there.
  • If in case your screen is locked, the pop-up alarm notification will appear at the top of the locked screen, from there you can turn it OFF.

What’s New To Alarms In Windows 10

The Alarm and Clock App combines an alarm clock with a world clock, timer, and a stopwatch.

Here are the few things which you can do with this App:

  • Hear, Snooze and Dismiss Alarm when the screen is locked or sound is muted.
  • Choose different types of sounds or your own music for alarms.
  • Compare times from around the world with the help of World clock app Windows 10.

World Clock App In Windows 10

To use alarms in Windows 10 and World clock App, here’s how to add a location and compare times from around the world.

world clock app windows 10

  • Select World Clock and then click on the ” + “ button (Which is the Add New button).
  • Type the first few letters of the location, and then select in the list of the locations.
  • If you don’t see the location you want, try another location in the same time zone.
  • Now, select Compare Times (The two clock sign at the bottom of the World Clock Window), and then select a time on the slider at the bottom.
  • Select a location on the map to change which places the slider is referring to.
  • To exit Compare Times Mode, click the Back Button or hit Esc.

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So this is how to use alarms in Windows 10, Windows 10 alarm volumes and sound notifications are the wake-up tone in our daily life.

Comment below and let us know what is your wake up or dinner time?

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