View Or Delete Browsing History In Microsoft Edge Browser

This article will help you to learn how to view or delete browsing history in Microsoft Edge in Windows 10. Like every other browser out there Chromium-based Microsoft Edge also have a feature to save your browsing history and other browsing data.

Yes, there is a setting in Microsoft Edge using which you can Enable or Disable saving your browsing data. We will talk more about this later in this article.

Your browsing history in Microsoft Edge treasures the information when you browse the internet that includes your passwords ( If you saved on an individual website ). You can learn more about this by clicking the link below:

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The information you have entered into sign-up forms, and websites you have visited, all these data get stored as you browse the sites.

However, every Web Browser remembers and stores the information when you surf the internet and it’s easy to recover your browsing information with the help of browsing history.

Before you go ahead and delete your Browsing History, it’s worth knowing what are some advantages or disadvantages of keeping a search history.

Pros Of Browsing History Feature

  • You can see recent searches or websites.
  • You can just type the initials of your website, and it will suggest the full address in the search box as per your history in Microsoft Edge.
  • You can go and check what your children’s are searching on the internet If you have any 😉
  • If you got a new computer and you want to export and import your browsing history to the new computer from the old one, you can do this easily.
  • You can set a password on your browsing history.

Cons Of Browsing History Feature

  • If you are at the internet cafe, and you did your own searches in the cafe and forgot to delete the browsing history, then anyone can see your browsing history. In this case, you can use Incognito Window that will automatically delete browsing history when you close the window.
  • If your friends come to your home and you let them use your computer, they can view your browsing history and manipulate them.

These are the Pros and Cons of the browsing history in Microsoft Edge.

Now let’s see how to view or delete browsing history in Microsoft Edge in two simple steps.

I have also included some screenshots to make it easier to understand.

View Or Delete Browsing History In Microsoft Edge Browser

As you maybe already know that the new Edge Browser is chromium based so the process will be similar to the Google Chrome browser. By following the below instructions you will learn how to delete search history from Edge Browser.

Please follow the below steps to clear browsing history or web history in Microsoft Edge:

Step 1: Launch the Microsoft Edge browser. On the top right corner click the three dots.

Step 2: Click “History

Step 3: Now click “Clear Browsing Data“, once you click you will be presented with a box window that lets you select what browsing data you want to Delete. You can also select the time frame of the data you want to delete.

Clear Browsing Data In Microsoft Edge Browser

Select browsing data that you want to clear from edge browser

As you can see in the above screenshot there are 4 types of browsing data an internet browser stores. Namely Browsing History, Download History, Cookies and other site data, Cached images and files. By default the above options are all checked, you can uncheck the box that you want to exclude from deleting.

If you want to delete last-hour history then select it from the Time Range and delete last hour history. Ther are many other options as below:

Select the browsing data time frame that you want to delete in edge

If you are willing to delete the whole browsing data then you need to select “All Time” as shown in the above screenshot.

Now, let’s see what gets deleted from the browsing history when you  select ” All Time” with all box checked.

              DATA                                                    WHAT GET DELETED
Browser HistoryThe sites you have visited recently and also the frequently visited websites.
Cookies And Saved Websites DataThe information that websites store on your PC to remember your preferences,i.e., Sign-In information.
Cached Data And FilesIt is the optimization to load sites faster, Such as Images, Audio, Video, and copies of pages.
Download HistoryThe list of files and media content that you have downloaded from the web, But its only deletes list of downloads which is under the history and not the actual download files.
Sign Up Form DataThe information that you have entered into the sign-up forms. ie, Your shipping address, and your sign up information on certain websites.
PasswordsThe passwords that you have saved for certain websites.
Media LicensesDigital content management content license and play/read.
Pop-Up ExceptionsThe list of websites that you fully revealed to display pop-Up.
Locations PermissionsThe list of websites that you fully revealed to grab their locations.
Full-Screen PermissionsThe list of websites that you fully revealed to automatically open in full screen.
Compatibility PermissionsThe list of websites that you fully revealed to automatically open in search engines.

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I am sure after reading this article you learned how to view or delete browsing history in Microsoft Edge.

As stated earlier in this guide that you can always use Incognito Mode that will allow Microsoft Edge to clear browsing history automatically when you exit the window

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